OUT TODAY: Signal To Noise, Vol. 1!

Here we go: Here’s a brand-new compilation album featuring tracks from 12 different bands that appeared on our Signal To Noise radio program on WFDU.  Each song was performed live in the studio, and all but one are unavailable elsewhere (Miss Ohio released their entire performance on Bandcamp last year). 100% of the proceeds from this album go to benefit listener-supported…

What?! A new Sugarblast Album?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into our Signal To Noise radio program, which airs each Wednesday night from 10 til 1 on WFDU.FM HD1.  It’s a great way for us to continue working to help promote independent rock music, while exposing people to lots of bands (30-40 a night), and also promoting original, live…

Signal To Noise 10/25/16

We had the great Jennifer O’Connor in the studio last night, along with our pal Tom Beaujour, and they performed a few songs (brilliantly).  One of the best shows we’ve done. Starting next week you’ll hear us on WEDNESDAY nights, from 10pm – 1am, on WFDU HD1. Listen to last night’s program here:

Signal To Noise 10/11/16

Yesterday we got a couple of SOS messages (from Jerry of The Brixton Riot and Justin of Dentist) telling us that there was a touring band from Toronto that had played in Asbury Park on Monday night, and had their scheduled Philly show fall through Tuesday night.  Turned out they were the band Beams, and we had all seven of…

Signal To Noise 9-20: Dots Will Echo!

Last night we had Nick and Kurt of Dots Will Echo in the studio.  Dots Will Echo have been one of our favorite bands for as long as we’ve been putting out records; we’ve been fortunate to work with them a few times (they contributed a Mommyheads cover to our Dromedary Records 20th Anniversary compilation in 2013 and we helped…

Signal To Noise 8/30/16

We had the band Darkwing in the studio last night, who performed live.  “Darkwing” autocorrects to “Darkling” every time we type it, every PLACE we type it, which is really fucking annoying.  The band was very good, though.  Listen here:

Signal To Noise 8/24/16

Asbury Park’s Yawn Mower plugged in and played live, with drums, in the studio with us last night.  First time we’ve had drums, second time we’ve had an electric instrument, and the walls didn’t cave in. Check it out here: