Signal To Noise Playlist – 10/26/2014

Every Sunday at 10PM EST, Al from Sugarblast hosts “Signal to Noise,” an internet radio program devoted to indie rock in New Jersey.  Here’s this week’s playlist.  You can listen again on Monday at noon.

  1. Stuyvesant: “Hellbent for Heather” – Shmyvesant (Sugarblast)
  2. The Damned: ”New Rose” – Play It At Your Sister (Castle)
  3. Suicide Smiles: ”Kill The Girl” – The Demos: 2014 (Part 10)
  4. ROMP: “If Your Head Gets Any Bigger, You’ll Float Away” – Sorry, Not Sorry
  5. Glazer: “Plastic Trash” – Glazer
  6. Thee Trebleros: “Photograph” – Destruction Jam
  7. Cold Fur: “Hammer Toss” – Altamont Every Night
  8. Vomitface: “P.S. I Hate You” – Vomitface EP
  9. Lowlight: “Track And Field” – Bonjour! Demo
  10. Human Switchboard: “No Heart” – Who’s Landing In My Hanger? Anthology (Bar/None)
  11. Bootstrap Bandits: “Shatter” – Silly Notions
  12. Dan Francia: “Alone and Together” – Alone and Together
  13. Slippertails: “Failure” – There’s A Disturbing Trend (Fleeting Youth)
  14. RyMy: “Easy” – Controlled Burn
  15. The Blithedale Romance: “State Of Fear” – Wanderer
  16. All Sensory Void: “Chelsea Rising” – Space Jamz: 5 Bands 1 Practice Space
  17. The Maravines: “Walk On The Wild Side” – Transformed: A Tribute To Lou Reed (Mint 400)
  18. Chimes: “Rinso” – Psychic Slack
  19. Glycerine Queens: “Car” – Speak Into My Good Eye compilation
  20. Waxahatchee: “Coast To Coast” – Cerulean Salt (Don Giovanni)
  21. d.smith: “breathe” – groping for luna, vol. 1 (Dromedary)
  22. Vinyl Tigers: “Bad Frenz” – Vinyl Tigers
  23. Charlie Grey: “Morning After Next” – Peter Cottonmouth
  24. Alice Genese: “Jackie’s Song”

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