Jersey Beat Introduces Shmyvesant

Shmyvesant_webJim Testa at Jersey Beat published his review of Stuyvesant’s Shmyvesant this week.  He said this:

Stuyvesant may not want to take credit, but the long-lived Hoboken-based quartet – formed in the early 00’s from the remnants of Footstone and Friends, Romans, Countrymen – pretty much invented Nineties nostalgia long before it became Pitchfork fodder.  With a sound cobbled together from equal parts Superchunk, Lemonheads, Soul Asylum and Dinosaur Jr., singer/guitarists Sean Adams and Ralph Malanga combine overdriven guitar leads and unabashedly heroic vocals into a sound that’s as familiar as it is timeless.  Don’t fix what ain’t broke is not a bad motto when you can consistently create music that’s as powerful and melodic as tracks like “Baby Bear,” “Hellbent For Heather,” “Silent Treatment,” or the pensive “Grant’s Tomb.”  The rhythm section of bassist Brian Musikoff and drummer Pete Martinez has long been one of the most combustible in the Garden State, and together they’re still making music as forcefully energized and dynamic as they were a decade ago.  Age, shmage, Stuyvesant rocks.

You can read the review here.

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