Sugarblast Al waxes nostalgic. Or maybe he just waxes.

Al from Sugarblast Music (that’s me, for the uninitiated) was a guest on the excellent podcast Hey You Know It this week.  Despite the best efforts of hosts Jacquetta Szathmari and Katie Kazimir to produce a decent show, they had the poor judgement of inviting me on to discuss Sugarblast, Signal To Noise, and the state of indie music in New Jersey.  You can listen to one hour of my attempts to counter Katie and Jacquetta’s intellectual wit with nervous snickering and inane observations, the result of which comes off something like discussing American foreign policy with Oogie from the Uncle Floyd show.

Still, if you listen long enough, you can hear clips of new tracks from Stuyvesant, and also from the great d.smith album groping for luna, vol. 1.  Check it out here.

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