Blurt Magazine Premieres Video For “Oatmeal Song”

Burt Magazine was kind enough to premiere the new Stuyvesant video for “Oatmeal Song,” the latest single from the Shmyvesant album.  The video was shot by Michael Markowski and directed by Brian Musikoff, using a single, slow-motion take shot on the evening of the band’s final performance at the legendary Hoboken venue Maxwell’s.

Maxwell’s opened in the late 1970s and became the cornerstone of indie rock in New Jersey, providing an excellent venue for young, touring bands, but also providing a home base for many local bands – well-known ones like The Feelies and Yo La Tengo, as well as much lesser-known bands.  It closed in July of 2013 amidst much sadness and fanfare.

Stuyvesant called Maxwell’s its home base (and so did our previous label, Dromedary Records) for many years, with the band playing many, many shows there over the years.  Their last show was one of their best.

The final frames of the video show what is probably our favorite, lasting memory of the club – sitting in the back room with the guys from Stuyvesant, drinking beers and enjoying each other’s company.

RIP Maxwell’s, and thanks to Blurt for the attention.

Watch the video here.

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