Sugarblast welcomes Tenterhooks

TH_076We’re thrilled to announce the second band on Sugarblast’s artist roster – NYC’s Tenterhooks.

Tenterhooks are a fantastic guitar-driven band that’s had its roots in the NYC underground dating back to the East Village noise pop band Jenifer Convertible.  Tenterhooks’ guitarist/vocalist Lenny Zenith and bassist James Pertusi were both members of JenCon, who’s acquaintance we made in ’93 or so, with the release of the “Car Song” 7″.  The band came together last year and has been gigging and writing furiously since.

We sat in a vape-filled Brooklyn bar amidst the unmistakeable aroma of vanilla, patchouli and trust funds to watch the band’s second gig with Stuyvesant, and were instantly smitten – the band’s volume was equalled only by its melody, a loud, tight, veteran group of punks blasting out heavy doses of sugar, just the way we like it.  Mix in a slight tinge of late ’70s skinny tie new wave, and you’ve got a winner.

The band just put the finishing touches on its debut EP, which is due in early 2015.  Meanwhile, check out their demo track “Lucy” and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

  One thought on “Sugarblast welcomes Tenterhooks

  1. December 19, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Is that an actual 90’s vintage JenCon license plate T? I think it is.


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