Dagger Zine reviews Stuyvesant

Dagger Zine is one of those pubs that’s been around since we used to shop at See Hear for printed zines, its publisher and main writer, Tim Hinely, is as good a guy as there is, devoted to indie rock and punk and turning as many people onto it as possible.  He’s not stapling pages together as awesome as he used to, but he still publishes reviews each week on the Dagger website, and this week he took on Stuyvesant.

This band has always managed to find that sweet spot where power and melody meet up, take swings at each other and then end up walking out arm in arm, and Shmyvesant is no different.

Tim is a fan of “3AM,” which is great, because that’s the next single from the record – stay tuned for a new video.  Meanwhile, check out Dagger’s full review of the album here.

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