United by Rocket Science: More love for Stuyvesant

IMG_3627The always-gracious James Damion at United By Rocket Science was kind enough to offer up some great words for Shmyvesant in his review this week.  Among other things, he wrote this:

“Stuyvesant’s effortless ability to create punk infused power pop melodies, hooks and sing along choruses make even the most jaded old curmudgeon sing along and dance with uncoordinated, wild abandon.”

And while I’ll agree with James on the “jaded old curmudgeon” description (and call myself the same), I’ll ask him to speak for himself when it comes to dancing skills, as I’ve got some pretty smooth moves.

That said, this is about neither my personality nor my dancing skills – it’s about Stuyvesant.  And if the glowing reviews of Shmyvesant haven’t compelled you to buy a copy yet, perhaps this one well.  Read it here.

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