New d.smith Video

Before we decided to rest our other label, Dromedary Records, we released Groping For Luna, Vol. 1 by d.smith.  d.smith is the former bass player in the great NJ power pop band Shirk Circus, as well as a former guitarist/bass player/songwriter for The 65’s.  We released albums by both Shirk Circus and The 65’s on Dromedary, but were struck by d.smith’s powerful songwriting and his uncanny ability to blend bombastic riffs with gorgeous melodies and emotional, disconcerting lyrics and subject matter. Since the album is still fresh, we’re promoting it over here on the Sugarblast site.  I guess we figure you’re smart enough to understand the whole Dromedary/Sugarblast thing.

The song “evolve” is the latest single from Groping For Luna, and the new video is being released today.  You can check it out right here.

The full-length digital download is $5.00, and an extra buck will get you a CD.  We can’t think of a better bang for your indie rock buck.  Plus, all the proceeds go to benefit NJ dog rescue organizations.  Click here to save a puppy today.

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