Signal To Noise: January 18 Playlist

So Sunday was our first episode of the Signal To Noise program for 2015. After taking a few weeks off, we’re back with some improvements, including a new segment with James Appio of CoolDadMusic where James takes us through a brief club update for the week, letting you know what shows you shouldn’t miss.  James is a staple in the Asbury Park scene and a huge supporter of local music (and a cool dad), it’s a pleasure to have him on the program.

We’ll be adding additional changes to the show as we go forward, including archiving each episode as a podcast (hopefully beginning with this one).  Keep visiting this site for more details on that.  Meanwhile, here’s this week’s playlist:

  1. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – “Timorous Me” – The Tyrrany Of Distance
  2. Ween – “Cold And Wet” – God Ween Satan/The Oneness (Twin/Tone)
  3. ROMP – “If Your Head Gets Any Bigger You’ll Float Away” – Sorry, Not Sorry
  4. Cicada Radio – “Funeral”- Crime Waves (Killing Horse)
  5. The Insides – “Pixel Mess” – Pixel Mess
  6. Luna Down – “So Sad So Long” – Resistance
  7. Brother JT – “Muffintop” – The Svelteness Of Boogietude (Thrill Jockey)
  8. Dentist – “Retired Lifeguard” – Dentist
  9. The Primitive Finks – “Horror Party Stomp” (single)
  10. The Ribeye Bros. – “Wally Pipp” – Call of the Scrapheap (Main Man)
  11. Human Switchboard – “In This Town” – Who’s Landing In My Hangar? (Bar/None)
  12. Dramarama – “Questions?” – Cinema Verite (Question Mark)
  13. Carolee – “Atrophy Rattle” – Unblinking Ear Compilation (Unblinking Ear)
  14. Glazer – “The Door” – S/T
  15. Lip Action – “Sexual Sofa” (single)
  16. Spowder – “Jaime” (single)
  17. Psychiatric Metaphors – “Stone Bros. Know” – 33 Thorne Street
  18. Chimes – “Rinso” – Psychic Slack
  19. Stuyvesant – “3AM” – Shmyvesant (Sugarblast)
  20. Lake Effect – “Sally” – Space Jamz: 5 Bands, One Rehearsal Space
  21. Wax Darts – “Never” (single)
  22. Silkworm – “Lily White & Cherry Red” – Chokes (reissue) (Comedy Minus One)
  23. Titus Andronicus – “A More Perfect Union” – The Monitor (XL)

We’ll be back next week with more great shit from New Jersey.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out CoolDadMusic to see where all the cool shows are this week.

Signal To Noise airs each Sunday night at 10PM on, and re-airs on Mondays at noon.

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