Meanwhile In Another Part Of Town…

Tomorrow, we’ll be debuting the first single from the brand-new EP from NYC’s Tenterhooks, something we’ve been threatening to do for a couple of months now.  There will be a video (put together by the lovely and talented d.smith), plus a free download, to prime you for the record’s release later this month.

Meanwhile, Neal Agneta at Wilfully Obscure weighs in with the first review of the EP, entitled Meanwhile In Another Part Of Town, speaking thusly:

Here’s a refreshing concept – a Brooklyn band that doesn’t sound an inkling like the trend-hopping hopefuls that typically emanate from that fussed over borough

Already, we like this review.  Then he goes on to say:

Featuring alumni from ’90s indie scenesters Jenifer Convertible, the four-piece Tenterhooks pursue a linear meat-and-potatoes power pop muse.

You can read the interview in its entirety here, and stay tuned for more deets tomorrow.

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