The Big Takeover Premieres Tenterhooks

For years we’ve been avid readers of Jack Rabid’s excellent, long-running zine The Big Takeover.  Jack and his writers have also been great to us, and today is no different: Tenterhooks’ new single and video, “Lucy,” is featured on TBT‘s website today.

Check out the video (directed by our great friend d.smith) and download the single for FREE here.

TBT says “Since an SRO 2013 debut in Brooklyn, Tenterhooks has been turning heads all over town with their muscular indie-pop, while Zenith has gained some notoriety as one of the few transgender bandleaders in any genre.”

We’re thrilled to be a part of Tenterhooks’ debut.

The forthcoming Tenterhooks EP, Meanwhile In Another Part Of Town, will be released on March 24.  You can preorder it now by visiting our online store here.  Preorders will also receive an immediate download of “Lucy.”

Join us in celebrating the release of the Tenterhooks EP on Tuesday the 24th at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn.  Performing along with Tenterhooks will be the legendary Wharton Tiers Ensemble, the great Martin Bisi, and Easy Creatures.


  One thought on “The Big Takeover Premieres Tenterhooks

  1. March 6, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    really good stuff. Keep it coming.


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