Dagger Zine on Tenterhooks

Dagger is one of the longer-running indie zines out there, and its proprietor, Tim Hinely, is a transplanted Jersey guy and a well-respected fan and supporter of indie rock.  He likes his music loud like we do, and that’s why we’re always jazzed when he takes the time to review one of our records.

This time he takes on Meanwhile In Another Part Of Town, saying “The first two cuts, “Lucy” and “Unseen” are both hooky and raw while “Helpless” is even more hoody…like some long lost late 70s power pop tune by a band no one has heard of but should have heard of.”

Its funny, because when we listen to Tenterhooks, underneath the noise and the rawness, we also hear a twinge of late ’70s “skinny tie” music, and since we’re “skinny tie” fans that’s one of the things that turns us on the most about Tenterhooks.  There’s a quality about their music that reminds us of the new wave bands that introduced us to punk and indie rock.

Anyway, thanks to Tim for the review, which you can read here.

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