OUT TODAY: Signal To Noise, Vol. 1!

Here we go:

Here’s a brand-new compilation album featuring tracks from 12 different bands that appeared on our Signal To Noise radio program on WFDU.  Each song was performed live in the studio, and all but one are unavailable elsewhere (Miss Ohio released their entire performance on Bandcamp last year).

100% of the proceeds from this album go to benefit listener-supported WFDU radio.

There’s no question that the changing landscape of media has made it much more difficult for radio stations, especially noncommercial ones.  When it comes to finding ways and places to listen to music, music fans have hundreds – maybe thousands – of choices.  Since noncommercial stations like WFDU rely on financial support from listeners in order to survive, it’s even more important that fans of interesting independent rock try and help whenever they can.

There are two ways you can buy this compilation:

  1. Make a $40 (or greater) donation to WFDU, and you’ll get it on CD.  Go to this link, and fill out the form.  In the comments box, be sure to mention Signal To Noise, and that you’d like a CD.  ALSO NOTE: with a $60 donation, you can become a WFDU member and receive a membership card that entitles you to, among other things, a 10% discount on all purchases at Iris Records in Jersey City.
  2. Buy the download with a $25 donation, just by clicking the link above.

Of course you can stream the whole thing for free right on Bandcamp, but when you can help a radio show that promotes literally dozens of independent rock bands every week, why wouldn’t you?

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