The Sugarblast Music Company was formed in 2014 as a home-made indie label that releases loud rock and roll with a punk ethos.  With a goal of remaining small, the only real objective of the label is to continuously release interesting, noisy music with zero consideration to what people might actually be interested in buying.

Sugarblast was founded by the owners of another micro-indie label called Dromedary Records, which mostly ran its course after more than 20 years.  While Dromedary will likely always exist in one form or another, the owners hope to operate Sugarblast in a smaller, friendlier, crankier, more local, more limited, more thoughtful, more cause-oriented, sweatier, snottier, and certainly much louder way.


All inquiries of any kind can be directed towards info at sugarblastmusic dot com.  That includes licensing, retail, radio, customer service, or general information but does not include requests for payment, for which we currently have no email address.


Sugarblast currently distributes all its own releases all on its own.


Sugarblast does make a small number of promotional copies of its releases available to journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, and other such evildoers.  If you are interested in becoming one of the unlucky few, please send us a note with some samples (reviews, columns, playlists, etc) and we’ll see if we can oblige.

Demo Policy

We accept unsolicited demos.  We actually enjoy them.  We just ask that you be smart about it, and not send us MP3s directly via email.   Also please understand that we still are not techno, Cookie Monster, hip hop, ska, nu metal, hair metal, funk-o-metal, folk metal, prog metal, surf punk, trip-hop, jammy-jammy, reggae, baroque, skate punk, hardcore, emo, screamo, beano, zydeco, pop punk, punk pop, skate pop, surf pop, aggro, grindcore, folk, death metal, twee pop, whiny folk-emo, or oom-pa.  If your band makes a kind of music that we are not, you are better served by another label.  We suggest Sub Pop.


If you absolutely must put something in the mail to us, you can send it to:

The Sugarblast Music Company

PO Box 106

Great Meadows, NJ  07838

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