Sugarfest/Signal To Noise

Sugarfest happened this past weekend at the Citizen in Jersey City.  Though the ridiculously hot weather stifled attendance a bit, the shows themselves were excellent.  Thanks to The Brixton Riot, The Karyn Kuhl Band, Fruit & Flowers, Dentist, Miss Ohio, Kerbivore, Sink Tapes, and Stuyvesant for being awesome.  Particularly The Brixton Riot, who stepped in for a band that bailed at the last minute – Matt came in, couldn’t find a place to park, and got to the stage just in time to set up his kit and start playing.  Steve took an Uber into Jersey City, played the set, and took an Uber right to work.

THAT is how to support indie music in your scene.  The Brixton Riot have always been awesome in that way, and that’s why my radio show is named after one of their songs.  Which, of course, they played a kickass version of during their set.

The show marked the first time I saw a few of the bands live, notably the Karyn Kuhl Band (though I’ve seen her perform live in other settings), Dentist, Miss Ohio, Kerbivore and Sink Tapes.  All excellent.

I love all you guys, thanks so much.  Next live show will be in February, at the Cake Shop.

Meanwhile, the Signal To Noise radio program last night featured a live performance by Lily Vakili – kind of a departure for the show, since I play mostly loud, indie guitar rock and punk, and Lily plays country-tinged blues-rock, but it was cool nonetheless.  Listen here:

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